Artificial Garden

Artificial Garden

Artificial Grass

The fibres used to create artificial green grass closely mimic the texture of real grass. Artificial grass has the aged appearance of genuine grass because of the way gold and yellow are uniformly distributed throughout its lush green colour. Contrary to traditional artificial grass tiles, which contain toxic pollutants like lead, artificial green grass carpet does not contain any dangerous metals. Because of this, playing around on grass flooring is a safe option for your children and pets.

Artificial Vertical Garden

Regardless of the size or location of the project, artificial plant walls are a fantastic accent to any design. Daisy Decor® artificial plant walls are the perfect way to add greenery to areas where plants can’t thrive because they don’t require light or water. Our hyper-realistic green wall panel system will enhance your design whether you’re looking to green up a bare wall in your backyard or a sizable commercial project. With our bright imitation plant walls, Daisy Decor® invites you to use your creativity to design extraordinary living and working places.

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