PVC WallPanels

Our PVC ceiling and wall panels are easy to put up, don’t get wet, require no maintenance, and come in a variety of plain colours and prelam wood veneer patterns. PVC wall panelling makes the inside of homes, hotels, offices, hospitals, computer labs, and other places look better. We sell the most PVC ceiling and wall panels in India. PVC panels are often used in bathrooms and kitchens because they don’t let water in and don’t grow mould. It can be used all over the house as well ( Bed and living rooms, basement, attics, garages etc.).

WPC Wallpanel

Our WPC Wall panel is the best way to decorate a wall because it looks and feels like wood but is flexible and durable like wood-plastic composites. The result is low-maintenance wall panels that are water resistant, won’t rot, and won’t splinter. They look elegantly natural and will instantly make your home look beautiful and warm.

3d Wallpanel

The world is not flat so why should our surfaces be? We offer a wide variety of deeply embossed texture patterns to add depth, dimension and drama to your interiors. Choose from small to large scale patterns with an assortment of 3D laminate finishes for endless texture options. And, since our patterns repeat from seam to seam, there is no end to how far your texture can go. Because we design everything we make, take advantage of our two week lead time and begin your life in 3D.

3d Foam Panel

Our 3D foam panel will make your home look nice in just a few minutes. They look great on plain walls and wooden surfaces in the bedroom, living room, cafe, restaurant, kids’ room, nursery room, etc. They are made of PVC, which is safe and won’t get wet.
Simply Peel a 3D Foam panel off of its backing paper and stick it where you want it. Before applying, surfaces that have just been painted or lacquered must cure for at least 30 days. After you’ve stuck the 3D Foam Brick to your wall, press hard along the edges to get rid of any air bubbles.

Aluminium Composte Panel

ACP sheet, which stands for Aluminum Composite Panel, is a newer type of cladding that is used for building facades, interiors, signs, modular kitchens, and many other things. It comes in many different colours and textures, such as wood, stone, sand, 3D, etc. And it can be bent, folded, and shaped in ways that no other material can do. So, ACP sheet gives designers more freedom and is a delight for them. ACP sheet is the most flexible material, and it can be used to make designs that would be hard or impossible to make with other cladding materials. ACP sheet is easy to put up and can be put up very quickly. It’s long-lasting, easy to keep up, and cheap. And it has more colours and textures to choose from.

Wooden Wall Panel

We accept responsibility for producing wooden wall panels that not only improve the ambience of hotels, workplaces, and corporate buildings but also significantly boost the value of residential locations. We have perfect decorative wooden wall panels thanks to the collaborative and creative work of designers, architects, and interior decorators. Our solution requires a single investment, which in turn ensures a flawless setting of wall panels in various textures, hues, and shapes. In addition, these wall panels ensure that an overall aesthetic impression is presented while also displaying timeless appeal. These goods are non-sticky, simple to clean, and heat, chemical, and moisture resistant. Consequently, our aim is not just to create a beautiful environment for you, but rather a

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